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We’ve all had times when we experience criticism from others, life setbacks … or we run into that person who appears to have it all together, complete with the big, shiny this or that, right as we’re going through a challenge. If we are not armed and grounded in what God says about us, we can experience an identity crisis that involves our purpose and our value and affects our true impact for the Kingdom of God.

The Word of God tells us that Satan is the accuser of the brethren, bringing indictments of inadequacy, condemnation and discouragement, as well as the temptation to become envious or even jealous.  It’s then that we need to follow the example of Jesus as he was being tempted by the Devil in the desert.  Jesus didn’t debate with Satan. He simply declared the Word of God — “It is written….”

We’ve designed this Scripture list for you.  Should you experience one of those times when your identity and worth are being challenged either by the enemy or the world, you, like Jesus, can boldly declare, “It is written…” Read these Scriptures often, reflect on them, and declare out loud in faith and boldness, “It is written!”