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We think it might be easier to start by telling you what a Host Church pastor doesn’t do — we hope you will find this to be a refreshing change.

  • host-church-photoYou do not have to manage or facilitate PAR meetings or the program in general. We are not another “church” program per se; we are a Christ-centered, independent ministry outreach whose sole mission is to help believers in your church and community who are struggling with addiction, to attain victory over addiction.
  • You do not have to financially support a PAR group that meets in your churchUnder our founding principles each group is self-supporting through the members’ own contributions. This means that the individual attendees, not the Host Church, are responsible for the financial needs and health of a group. We do have churches who partner with PAR out of a heart to be a part in battling addiction in their church and community, but that is always voluntary, never an expectation.

So how can you help?

Firstly by providing a safe, caring place for believers to gather and begin a healing process and restoration in the body of Christ. Your willingness and graciousness to do to provide this valuable resource this is a huge blessing and a vital part of creating a culture of “community victory” in your church.

Secondly, the one most significant and important heartfelt request that we make to pastors is for prayer. Many churches have prayer teams and prayer warrior groups. Please put us on your team’s prayer list. We not only fight a battle in the physical realm with addiction, we fight a spiritual battle, because our goal is to bring believers back into a thriving relationship with Jesus Christ and their church body as they begin to walk in abundant recovery.

So what can PAR help you with?

Please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Questions? Email us.

For more information on PAR Ministries or starting a PAR Group in your area, please contact us at