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The PAR Resolution

The PAR Resolution

Through our church experience, our addiction recovery group experience, and our personal experiences in seeking Christ centered addiction recovery we encountered a twofold dilemma.


  1. Although we loved our church families, many in our faith communities did not understand the very real and serious struggles of addiction that we faced.

We attended church programs and small groups hoping to find a genuine addiction recovery fellowship sufficient to aid us in achieving long-term quality recovery.  Our struggle was much more than simply habits and hang ups; we needed a Christ centered fellowship where we could be rigorously honest and courageously open about our addiction experience without concern for religious judgement, criticism, or gossip. We longed for fellowship with those in the body of Christ who truly understood the reality of our addiction struggle that we might share in a genuine path of recovery.

2. On the other hand, many among us had attended non-Christian 12 step groups only to find that our use of the name of “Jesus Christ” was often not welcomed and in some cases caused us to endure controversy for such openness. We found that the “spirituality” as prescribed in the text of such programs conflicted with the Word of God which we held as the authority of our faith.

We longed for fellowship with those in recovery where the Word of God was our text for recovery with those who shared our love and commitment to Jesus Christ that we might share in a common fellowship of faith.

A decision had to be made. Either Jesus Christ was Lord of our recovery, or He wasn’t!  Either the Bible was our final authority, or it wasn’t.  We could no longer live double minded with one foot in each world.  For us the scriptures were true in stating; “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. There was only one Big Book for us, and it was the Word of God.

But where could we find such a fellowship? God met this need through the fellowship of Power for Abundant Recovery.

At PAR we share encouragement through our restoration, strength through our fellowship, and the hope we have in Christ as we walk in victory over addiction.

If you are seeking Christ centered recovery and are willing to follow the path we have taken - we invite you to join us in our fellowship of Abundant Recovery.