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The Seven Pillars of PAR

PAR does not use the AA 12-steps or a Christian version of their steps, but a totally Christ-centered, scriptural-based process of recovery.
    1. OUR BROKENNESS: We came to a crossroad of genuine brokenness. We had come to the end of ourselves. It is here we fully conceded that in and of our own strength we were powerless over the addiction we battled. Our intellect and human reasoning had utterly failed us. Psalm 38:8-10
    2. OUR REPENTANCE: We abandoned the god of self and the god of our own understanding. It is here that we totally surrendered our life to Jesus Christ as Savior, Redeemer, and Lord. In so doing we possessed a new hope and peace of mind we previously had never known. We had been born again. John 14:6
    3. OUR TRUE IDENTITY: We came to see that our identity was truly found in Christ. We began casting off  the characteristics of our old carnal sin nature which had kept us bound in addiction, shame and condemnation. We began putting on our new identity in Christ Jesus. Addiction was no longer our identity nor our master. God had taken those things the enemy meant for our destruction and transformed them into a testimony of His mercy and grace. We were no longer lost but found. Galatians 2:20
    4. FORGIVENESS: We came to see that unforgiveness was one of the enemy’s most destructive weapons. It is here we began to fully embrace the forgiveness provided us through Christ at the cross regardless of how deep or dark our sinful past. It is here we began humbly seeking forgiveness from those we had harmed. And it is here we forgave those who had harmed us. We were no longer slaves to unforgiveness. Matthew 6:14,15
    5. OUR AUTHORITY: We resolved that the Word of God was our final authority in all things including our recovery. It is here that we began walking in the authority of God’s Word. We began experiencing victory, over the lies of the enemy as we renewed our mind to God’s Word. We were experiencing wholeness in Body, Soul and Spirit. We had indeed recovered from the bondage of addiction. Hebrews 4:12
    6. OUR PURPOSE: We continued to mature as disciples of Christ. It is here we realized that our battle was no longer just about addiction nor even about us. We realized that we were in fact ministers of reconciliation and Soldiers for Christ on a spiritual battlefield. We realized that our mission was much more than simply addiction recovery. Our lives were now impacting the eternal lives of others who were addicted, bound, and broken. Hebrews 12:1,2
    7. OUR MISSION: We now realized that our being in authentic Christ centered recovery was no mistake. God’s hand of grace had been upon us all along. Having experienced true freedom from the bondage of addiction we carried the message of His grace and power as Ambassadors for Christ to others seeking Christ centered recovery. 2 Corinthians 5:20 



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The PAR 7 Pillars of Christ-centered recovery are the sole property of PAR Ministries.
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