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  1. Although we loved our church families, many in our faith communities did not understand the very real struggles of addiction that we faced.We attended church programs and small groups hoping to find a genuine addiction recovery fellowship sufficient to aid us in achieving long-term quality recovery. Our struggle was much more than simply habits and hang ups; we needed a Christ-centered fellowship where rigorous honesty and courageous openness regarding our addiction experience were welcome; a safe place where we could do so without  religious judgment, criticism or gossip.  We longed for fellowship with those in the body of Christ who truly understood the reality of addiction and with whom we could share in a genuine program of recovery.
  2. Although many of us found great value in traditional 12 step addiction recovery programs, many of us experienced non-Christian, higher power, 12-step programs where the name of Jesus Christ in our expression of spirituality was not welcomed. In some cases we were openly criticized or rejected for such clarity.
  3. We needed an addiction recovery fellowship where we could be open about our love for Jesus Christ without concern for criticism or judgment.  We longed for fellowship with those in recovery who shared our love for Jesus Christ that we might share in a common fellowship of faith.

Our solution became clear: We needed a fellowship community where we felt safe to openly share our addiction experience without shame, and express our love for Jesus Christ without restraint. But where could we find such a recovery fellowship?

Power for Abundant Recovery met this need. As in other 12-step groups, we share our experience, strength, and hope with each other that we may walk in victory over addiction. Yet we also share our mutual love for Jesus Christ who gives us the power to do so, in a 12 step program of action that leads to a life of abundant recovery. If you’ve decided that you want what we have – and you are willing to follow the path we have taken – then we invite you to join us in this journey of abundant recovery.