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Mission Statement

We equip believers for victory over addiction.

Power For Abundant Recovery - Chris centered addiction recovery

Power for Abundant Recovery Ministries provides hope, healing and restoration to those within the Christian community who are struggling personally with addiction, or Co-Dependency due to the addiction of a loved one. We accomplish this through the synergy of our Christ-centered, 12-pillars addiction recovery program of action, an internet-based support community, and a network of addiction recovery community groups.

Vision Statement

We bridge the gap between the Christian community and the Addiction Recovery world.

Power for Abundant Recovery (PAR) will be the premiere connecting bridge between the Christian community and the Addiction Recovery world throughout the United States. The power of our effectiveness is simple: Jesus Christ is the centerpiece of our recovery; we participate in our own recovery through the PAR 12-pillars program of action; and we provide a safe, healing support community that is sufficient to foster long-term addiction recovery.