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If you feel that God is prompting you to start a PARTM  group in your area, we want to do everything we can to support, encourage, and equip you for service. Those who wish to launch a group in their city, we lovingly refer to  as our PAR Ambassadors, because they are representing Jesus Christ and Power for Abundant Recovery Ministries.

We take the Ambassadors ministry very seriously, so for the integrity of our groups and PAR as a whole, we have a specific process we go through with every PAR Ambassador candidate.

PAR Leadership Creed
Overseer Requirements
Statement of Faith
Core Values


Motivation: Why you want to start a PAR group

  1. Communication: We first want to talk with you, pray with you and seek God’s guidance.
  2. Investigation: We ask you to take time to investigate our website thoroughly and get to know our vision, beliefs, and values. Go to our Facebook site and ask questions of our PAR family members.
  3. Conversation: We want to visit you whether in person, skype, face time or other, so that we can get a better understanding of your heart to serve.
  4. Confirmation: We will then review your application, so that we may confirm all your information.
    • Full Disclosure: Although we absolutely understand that addiction can sometimes lead to legal issues, we reserve the right to decline any application based on certain information, whether obtained directly or indirectly, that we believe would compromise the safety of a PAR group or the integrity of our ministry’s core values and statement of faith. (This includes any knowledge we may have whether upon application or at any time of child safety issues)
    • A PAR Ambassador candidate must be a recovering alcoholic or addict who has been in recovery for at least 12 months and shows evidence of actively pursuing recovery and a deeper relationship with Christ. See Overseer requirements. If you are not a recovering addict or alcoholic, we appreciate your interest, but our Ambassador program is only open to those who are in recovery from addiction, lest we be hypocritical.What if I don’t yet have 12 months’ recovery? 
    • We will ask you to confirm that you are in agreement with and will abide by our statement of faith, core values, founding principles, and leadership creed.
  5. Affirmation: After this short but critically important process, we want to affirm your new venture by plugging you into our Ambassador Coaching Program, in order to both launch you on your new outreach ministry and to begin a coaching relationship with you, so that you and your group may enjoy the blessing of abundant recovery!

Questions? Email us.

For more information on PAR Ministries or starting a PAR Group in your area, please contact us at