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  1. Unity Exemplifies Christ centered community.Power For Abundant Recovery - Chris centered addiction recovery
    Diversity in our gifts, abilities, talents, and strengths is all part of a thriving body in Christ. Unity as disciples of Christ is at the heart of our mission and vision. It is only by a spirit of truth that we are set apart from the world. Our personalities and addiction issues may vary, yet our solution in Christ through His Word is singular. It is the Word of God, the Spirit of Truth and the love of Jesus Christ that is the threefold cord of our unity and singleness of purpose. Ephesians 4:2-6
  2. Sovereignty – Clarifies authority.
    Power for Abundant Recovery (PAR) is a non-denominational Christ-centered recovery ministry. Its primary purpose is to help individuals seeking Chris centered recovery to achieve victory over addiction and experience a life of abundant recovery in Christ. PAR is not allied with any specific denomination or religious organization. Our ultimate authority is God in Christ Jesus as expressed within the Word of God and our Founding Articles. Ephesians 1:18-23
  3. AnonymityEnsuring safety.
    Anonymity is an essential element of our PAR groups. This provides a safe environment for restoration, reconciliation and healing, in an atmosphere of trust, grace and the compassion of Jesus Christ. Each PAR group is charged with the responsibility to govern itself against any and all gossip or slander. What you hear and whom you see at a PAR group stays within that group, except in matters where one presents intent to harm self, another; or harm to a PAR group or PAR as a whole. Let each group govern themselves accordingly with grace and respect for each other’s anonymity. Proverbs 11:13
  4. Integrity Exemplifies authenticity.
    Although we are open to change as we grow, we have placed clear and definite language within our Founding Articles, in order to establish a bulwark to preserve and protect the spiritual integrity of each PAR group and PAR as a whole from any who would seek to compromise our values, principles or tenets of faith. Our Servant Leaders are expected to live a life that reflects our Statement of Faith and Godly character. Proverbs 2:6-8
  5. AutonomyFacilitates maturity.
    Though our individual PAR community groups operate under the auspices of PAR Ministries and the framework of our meeting Peer Leadership Team formats; each group enjoys autonomy of expression and operation of their group conscience within these parameters, except in matters that would adversely affect that community group or PAR Ministries as a whole. Romans 12:3
  6. HumilityReflects Lordship.
    Every individual in the body of Christ has differing gifts, abilities and responsibilities, yet we all stand on level ground at the cross of Christ, upon which Jesus bore our sin and shame. We must always reflect in word and deed with humility, the fact that we have nothing to boast of in ourselves but Christ only and him freely giving His life for us. As authentic disciples of Jesus Christ, ours is not to be served but to serve with humility. Mark 9:35
  7. Stewardship Acknowledges Gods’ Ownership.
    Each PAR group is self-supporting through the contributions of its members. For our operational purposes each PAR group establishes their own individual service committees responsible to those they serve. PAR is a 501c3 Nonprofit Ministry and operates its financial management through a separate accounting firm for accuracy and the highest levels of legal and ethical compliance. All donations to PAR Ministries are tax deductible.  1 Timothy 3:1-7