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Copying, attaching and linking
Fair use laws state that small portions of material may be quoted for documentation purposes, without written permission, but must be unaltered and must be accompanied by the proper documentation citing the source.Power for Abundant Recovery ™ grants permission for the use of our information and/ or articles for the blessing and recovery of others; however, reproduction of entire articles from the Power for Abundant Recovery ™ website or any of its other media venues by photocopying for personal use or for use on an outside website or venue must always:

  1. be unaltered and complete
  2. include a full disclosure of the source and location.

Any other use is absolutely prohibited.

We require that the following P.A.R. citation be included with any and all use of our articles, links and information:

This article is used by permission from Power for Abundant Recovery Ministries™, a Christ-centered 12-step addiction recovery fellowship, in accordance with their restrictions and regulations for use.

Article segments

You may quote portions of P.A.R. articles in emails or make photocopies for personal use. Quoting portions on websites is strictly prohibited. This is to prevent search engines from finding Power for Abundant Recovery articles anywhere except on the Power for Abundant Recovery website.

Linking to Power for Abundant Recovery from other sites

We welcome you to link to P.A.R. You do not need permission to link our web site or link to individual articles on our site. However, P.A.R. reserves the right to decline any links that are in conflict with our principles, core values, or statement of faith.

Limitations and scope of services

P.A.R. IS a recovery community via our P.A.R. groups & web support.

P.A.R. is NOT a substitute for professional assistance or care.

P.A.R. is NOT a crisis center or hotline.

P.A.R. is NOT a replacement for churches.

P.A.R. IS a proactive Christ-centered 12 step group program for believers, to equip believers for victory over addiction.

P.A.R. is NOT a professional therapy group or replacement for such if needed.

P.A.R. is NOT a church-sponsored program, but non-denominational.

P.A.R. is NOT intended to compete with any other Christian organization or group, but simply to offer alternatives to the Christian who is seeking addiction recovery support.