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Peer Leaders are individuals within our PAR groups who have taken the gift of recovery and the calling of Christ to step out as servant leaders, or “Peer Leaders” as we lovingly refer to them.  The Word of God describes a believer as an Ambassador for Christ.  2 Cor. 5:20

PAR Ambassadors mentor others in recovery to help them to mature in Christ through our Christ centered, pillars recovery process. They serve in leading meetings and ministering to individuals in prayer as well as serving on our leadership team. Our commitment is to provide our Peer leaders with everything they need to grow and flourish in walking out their individual gifts in Christ and Recovery. We do this through our Abundant Recovery Peer Leader T.E.A.M. training.



We not only provide training in the basic components of how to launch a PAR group, but ongoing coaching on how to chair a meeting, working with others, and using leadership tools to grow a dynamic recovery group.  The most important thing we provide however is instruction in Godly wisdom from the Word of God. It’s through the Word that we seek to help each servant leader grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, their family and the life skills to give their utmost for His Highest.


Many people don’t realize the impact of being on the front lines of the addiction battlefield. Although it is a joy when even one person reaches out and embraces recovery in Christ, the journey to find that one person can be fraught with not only disappointment and challenge, but in some cases even death and the sorrow that comes with that loss. There is power in encouragement from those who have been there and walked the recovery journey, but most importantly there is encouragement, empowerment, and life giving water in ministering to our teams from the Word of God. On the addiction battlefield this can be like a refreshing spring in the midst of a hot desert.


One of the most powerful principles in the Word of God is that “We” are a body, each with different gifts, talents, and abilities. At the annual PAR Recovery Summit, we create life-giving and empowering associations and lifelong friendship and get to connect with yet another link of our extended PAR recovery family in Christ Jesus. This is a time of rest and refreshing, uplifting fellowship, Word, worship, fun and laughter.


Mentoring is a vital key in the life of anyone who wishes to grow in any area of their life.

Within the ministry world there is a phrase heard very often; “Everyone needs a Paul, a Barnabas and Timothy in their life”. Simply put we each need a (Paul) who serves as a mentor to help us continually grow and mature in recovery and Christ. We also need a (Barnabas) who is simply a brother or sister in Christ and recovery that we could genuinely describe as a “good friend”. Finally, we need a (Timothy) a key component in our growth in Christ and recovery comes through giving into the life of another, much like Paul poured his heart and wisdom into the life of Timothy. As we give we grow, and experience the joy of walking in the love of God and realizing our calling as believers to make disciples.

One of the things you might here around a PAR fellowship is simply that addiction is about isolation but recovery is a TEAM event. We do together in Christ, what I alone cannot do by myself.