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Thank you for your desire to help others and serve the body of Christ.  God is indeed on the move, and our mission field is not “out there” somewhere – it’s right here in our churches where believers are struggling with addiction.

So what can you do right now?

  1. We will link you up with one of our PAR leadership mentors. The focus of this relationship is not about launching a PAR group, but helping you to establish your foundation in recovery and in Christ.  Integrity is sharing what we are walking out in our own lives.  We have to walk it, before we can talk it.During the following months or weeks, we want to encourage you to be a student in a number of areas. At PAR we aren’t looking for meeting leaders – we seek the Lord in His bringing us “servant” leaders.  Servant leaders are first teachable, humble, and patient, never in a hurry with God’s work because it’s “never” to our glory, but to God in Christ Jesus.
  1. Go to our website and read “Your IdentityandYour Identity Scriptures.” During this early time of recovery, it’s vital that you truly begin to know who you are in Christ Jesus. Our addiction doesn’t define us, God does.
  1. Get the books 12 Steps for Christians and the Recovery Devotional Bible (you can order them on our site) and begin to immerse yourself in the power of God’s Word and the process of doing the soul work (healing of mind, will and emotions) of recovery.
  1. Go to our Facebook page, introduce yourself and reach out to others in the PAR community. One of the most encouraging keys in Christ-centered recovery is in knowing that you are not alone. There are believers everywhere who have struggled with addiction yet love Jesus and want to serve Him well. That’s how the body of Christ works.
  1. Connect with one of our PAR mentors They are somewhat like a sponsor. A PAR mentor is an individual who is on our servant leader team, who gets the privilege of serving you in their experience, strength, and hope. In addition, they will assist you in building a healthy relationship with Jesus, with others in your faith community who may be hurting, and with your host pastor. It is important to understand that Abundant Recovery is not an event, it’s a way of life, so that we may serve others and glorify God through Christ Jesus.

We invite you to email us at and share your situation with us. After we review your application, we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

God bless you as you seek to serve!

Yours in Christ,

Mark W. McManus

Founder & Executive Director

PAR™ Ministries