Utahna Olsen

The first thing people ask is where did Utahna’s name come from?

Her father made it up; he was from Utah and her mother was from Montana, and so the name Utahna was born.

Utahna was born in Denver, CO and moved to Billings, MT at age of two. From the age of six she was raised by a single mother. Utahana came to Christ and was baptized at the of 15 in a small church in Livingston, MT.

After graduating from High School, she continued her education at MSU and MSUB in criminal justice and forensic psychology, serving one semester abroad in Morocco.

However, God had a different plan.

Utahna is a proud and dedicated Mother of 4 boys. The two younger boys having special needs, one with childhood disintegrative disorder and uncontrolled epilepsy and the other with autism level 2 and epilepsy.

Amazingly she has homeschooled all of them with her oldest recently graduating.

She is not only a committed ambassador for Christ and for recovery in her own life but has a passion to help people, give a voice to issues that need to be addressed and hopes to impact the lives of others. Utahna is a woman who lives by faith and not by sight.

On a practical level, Utahna makes sure that all the moving parts in the operational wheelhouse at PAR headquarters stay oiled and functioning well.

She oversees many unseen but vitally significant administrative elements daily, including working directly with the Executive Director and the Board of directors.

With a combination of personal warmth and dedicated attention to details, Utahna helps to ensure a constant synergy of compassion, competence, and consistency at the PAR ministry headquarters. We are blessed in having Utahna as part of the PAR family, and so grateful for the skills and courageous heart, she brings to the mission and vision of PAR recovery outreach ministries.