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Dan Bergstrom

P.A.R. Ministries Chairman

Dan is lovingly referred to as “The Professor” around P.A.R.  When we have a question about any historical facts regarding 12-step history and roots, Dan is the go-to man. As a Retired Lt. Col. with 22 years of service in the Marine Corps, Dan understands the importance of integrity and striving for excellence in serving God and others. He brings those values to our Abundant Recovery Academy, which is our Recovery Research and Discipleship Education Dept.

In the Recovery World: With over 18 years of walking in recovery, mentoring, serving and sharing his experience of strength and hope with others, Dan brings a “been there done that” message of restoration and healing that is both competent in life application and compassionate in relationship building. He doesn’t talk “about” addiction, he shares his boots on the ground experience of walking through addiction.

In the Christian Community: True to Dan’s nature he received highest honors at the Yellowstone Valley Bible Institute in his theological studies, and served six years with the Celebrate Recovery program. He is deeply involved as a ministry leader in the Men’s and Pastoral Care outreach at his church. Dan is a true servant leader and we are so blessed to have him on our Servant Leader Team.